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Here is the short story

Grace Aderogba


I am Grace, I'm an Implementation Expert and Course Clarity Coach, What this means is that I help women get out of their heads, become clear on their vision and give them tools and accountability to accomplish their goals.


I love natural hair and Infinitelygracious is a place for me to help other like-minded women build their knowledge around natural hair and grow long healthy hair.


I have been on a journey of minimalism and relay of effective techniques that can shorten my hair routine and leave me time to accomplish ambitious goals that I have set.



I hope to help you slay all your goals, both natural hair goals through this site or your lifestyle goals through


As Maya Angelou says, Do what you can until you know better and when you know better do better.


I will love to collaborate and if you are interested to feel free to drop me a proposal here






Here is the long story

My strength lies in problem-solving and process development, and as an Educator, I knew that if I approach things from a problem-solving stance, I can get through the noise and get results.

I was using products that did not make sense for my hair, watched endless hours of hair tutorials, mixed up my own oils and concoctions and was doing a lot of the “trial and error”.


I went one step further, and started consoling myself by saying, I didn't really care about my hair, “it's just hair!” when I wasn't seeing any results and I was straight up product hoarding.


Things changed when I started to approach my hair using my strengths in problem-solving and process development.

I started to think about things differently.

What if I did simple things like checking the ingredient list of the products I'm using, find solutions to specific issues I was having with my hair, instead of blindly following endless YouTube tutorials and mixing oils and concoctions.

I started to set my intentions and things changed.


This approach helped me develop a simple hair regimen, decrease my wash time and stop dreading my hair due to my extremely sensitive scalp.

It's like the stars finally aligned!

Visualize SUCCESS


Live graciously!




Live Graciously