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Goodness gracious, thanks for stopping by my blog

Hi, I'm Grace, I'm a Blogger and Natural hair lover here at Infinitelygracious. I created the blog back in 2017 to share the tools and information I gathered as I got serious about caring for my thin, high porosity natural hair.


I became so excited to teach simple regimens that are effective. I created a space where hair textures do not separate us. Instead, I choose to focus on hair porosity because that is what is important.

I made the journey towards a more holistic approach to skin and hair care when I realized the number of toxins is in our everyday products. I started to create my own regimen, hair products that were simple, smart, and effective, and from this AuntyNikky Hair Care was born in 2020.

I'm an educator and a learner at heart, I will help you stop and actually look at the ingredient list. Find solutions to your hair issues and stop watching endless youtube channels that aren't specific to you.

SET YOUR INTENTIONS & let your actions guide you to manifest and experience the hair growth you yearn for.




Visualize SUCCESS


Live graciously!



Grace Aderogba
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