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NEW: Complete Guide to Growing Healthy Low Porosity hair

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I am often asked about how to take care of Low porosity natural hair and with much research, I noticed that the information out there is confusing and disjointed.


 ​I see questions like

"Do I need to pre-poo my Low porosity hair"

​"Why does my hair always feel dry even after I oiled it?"​

"Can you give me the exact product recommendation that will help me grow my hair?"

Well, this course will answer these questions and more. I have created this comprehensive masterclass that will work you through EVERYTHING you need to know. So no more endless hours of youtube video and trying products that end up being a waste of money.

NEWS FLASH: The Trick to healthy Natural hair is the balance between the following



This course will help you create a routine that solves these problems.

So what do you get?

- A quick and dirty understanding of low porosity hair structure
- How to recognize low porosity hair problems and solutions you can try right now.
- What is Hygral Fatigue and how does it affect low porosity hair?
-Building a regimen that includes, Pre-poo, Shampoo, Conditioning, Oil treatments, LOC vs LCO 
- Ayurvedic Hair treatments to maximize hair growth
-Scalp Care for Low porosity
-Trim frequency and maximizing hair length
-Protective styling options
-Improve health and nutrition to maximize hair growth


  • Downloadable worksheet to walk through the course

  • Lifetime access to the course with access to all future improvements.

  • Ingredients to avoid and what to look for when shopping for hair products

  • Access to the Gracious babes membership hub

You'll learn the exact steps + routine in the NEW Complete Guide to Growing Healthy Low Porosity hair

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