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Hello there! I'm Grace 


I provide overwhelmed women with the tools to meet and exceed  their personal lifestyle goals in



all while embracing our uniqueness

Goodness Gracious, Live Graciously!


I don't have an effective Natural hair regimen  and need to create one

I cannot keep my Natural hair moisturized and need a system that works

I want to explore the site to my heart's content


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Recent Posts

August 11, 2017

This post contains affiliate links.  If you purchase or subscribe using the links provided, I may be compensated a small amount, never at any extra cost to you.  Please see my page Affiliate Disclaimer if you are interested in learning more.

My goal has been to simplify as many things as I can in my life, and that includes the amount of makeup and tools that i am hoarding.... yes hoarding. I have a hard time parting with my makeup brushes et al.  To simplify what I carry around in my huge work back ( and decrease my back ache), I r...

July 27, 2017

Hello there!

This will be a quick post to share with you a few YouTube videos that I have found entertaining lately.

Check them out below


 Jennie Jenkins shares some of her beauty secrets, from how to make your legs look air brushed, to clearing acne. check out her video.


In her fun and  witty fashion, Patricia Bright tries out the new makeup craze that is designed to help us oily girls. The idea is to wear loose powder prior to putting on your foundation in order to keep your makeup looking flawless throughout the day Check it out.



June 20, 2017

I’ve always been a fan of Coconut oil, from using for my hair to using it as a face wipe on evenings when I’m too lazy to properly wash my face. I have always been on the Virgin Coconut oil bandwagon. I used it as a moisturizer on its one and created whipped Shea butter body lotions and bars with Virgin Coconut oil.

Virgin Coconut oil and Honey is a perfect pair, Virgin Coconut oil contains high natural saturated fats that helps the body decrease LDL (Low density Lipids) and increase HDL (High Density Lipids) while also containing antioxidan...

June 9, 2017

How to clean your Beauty Sponge in 5 minutes or less

I am guilty of doing one of two things when it comes to cleaning your beauty sponge, either you experienced the struggle of using baby shampoos (or other detergents), to wash your sponge without much success OR  you just throw them away. I usually toss them out after I've debated the amount of time it will take me to get it remotely close to looking useable. Most times I just give up and open a new pack. I find myself buying several packs of beauty blenders sometimes on Amazon or TJmaxx ma...

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