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How to Build an EPIC Natural Hair Regimen that WORKS!+ Ayurvedic Hair products

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

This post was updated in August 2021 with All Natural Hair Care options

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A lot has changed since I wrote this post back in 2017 and as such it's time for a bit of an update. I’ll keep all the new information in italics, as you can see. When I started this blog it was so important that I educate my readers and as I learned more and more I feel obligated to share.

Hair products that are targeted to women of color have considerably higher levels of toxins and chemicals that have been known to cause adverse effects to us. Products include DMDM which releases formaldehyde and causes cancer. As you may know, black women have the highest rate of breast cancer with a high mortality rate and I have been learning to take care of myself better due to health reasons. I have done a lot of work to eliminate toxins where I can, especially in my beauty and hair care products.

I did a lot of experimentation and curated my own toxin-free, ayurvedic hair care line. When you jump in, I’ll highlight these alternative toxin-free options below each of the sections that we will explore. Let's dive in.

Hi there, I've been thinking a lot about simplifying a lot of my regimens and creating something that I understand and also works for me. The goal of this post is for you to come away with just enough information to create a hair regimen that will work for your type of hair. We will build a regimen that considers the type of hair porosity we have.

Have you found yourself using products that everyone else swears by, you are mixing up eggs/ honey everything in your pantry and not having the results that you have heard works. Or even wondered if you should use Apple cider Vinegar Rinse Or Baking Soda since simple chemistry lets you understand that one is an acid and the other is a base, so which should you use?

You can own the most expensive or popular products or even DIY your products and not get the results you are looking for because of your hair's unique ability to absorb or not absorb products.

By the end of this series you should have a proven understanding of what you should consider adding or eliminating from your hair routine and if you just need to start from scratch, keep reading :)

The regimen you will develop will include Pre-poo, Detangling, Shampoo, Conditioners, Leave-in, and Treatment suggestions.

This post will NOT do two things.

1. It will not give you too much information that you are overwhelmed and give up

2. It will not make the process more complex than it needs to be.

Disclaimer: I have to confess that I’m not very particular about hair. I’m not in a natural hair tribe, I’m not a hair guru, I wear wigs, weaves, color my hair, and will pretty much do as I please with my hair. I’m not stuck on fitting into any particular mold. I believe we should not be restricted by our hair and it should be a complicated issue. It’s something we can bond over but should not divide us ( okay enough with my tangent lol).