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4 mistakes Newbie and Seasoned Natural Girls make when it comes to moisturizing their hair

4 mistakes newbie and seasoned natural girls make when moisturizing Dry natural hair + How to change them | if you want to keep tour hair moisturized but you are struggling or not getting the result you expect or you want to build a natural hair moisturizing routine, check out this post to get a fool proof understanding on keeping your hair moisturized especially through the winter months.

The bane of every natural girl’s existence is whether or not she is getting enough moisture in her hair. She asks herself, Is my hair moisturized enough? How should I moisturize my dry hair? Is it getting enough moisture/ protected from the elements? Should I use oil? how do I keep my hair moisturized during the winter, there are always different variations of this question, and I hope that this sheds some light to some of your struggles.

I took a quick survey of the natural girls in my life and there was a resounding echo that getting their hair to stay moisturized was an issue they were all facing. I have been doing some things differently with my hair that has allowed me to retain moisture, which has allowed me to be able to retain length in my hair over the past couple weeks. The look of my hair has changed and its gained and retained a half inch in length (note that hair grows an average of a 1/4 to a 1/2 inch every month). I know this is due to understanding how to moisturize my hair better, using essential oils, taking better care of my scalp and reducing my hair manipulation.

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