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6 ways to style your Faux Locs Crochet hair

6 ways to style your faux locs pictures.

I live in Boston and over the past couple days we have been experiencing single digit winter weather and those of us with natural hair know that winter can be the bane of our natural hair's existence. I love Protective styles! Crochet braids and Crochet locs are exceptional protective styles still allowed my scalp to breathe and I can make sure it stays nourished. I always washed a scalp a few times just to make sure my scalp wouldn't get clogged.

I decided to opt for crochet faux locks for the past few weeks. The thing that I like about this style is the older you keep it the more authentic it looks. However i've gotten bored with just putting it in a pony tail that i decided to experiment with a few more styles.


About the hair:

I opted for Bobbiboss Bomba Soul locs in a variety pack, 8,10,12 from Sam's beauty store.

I used 2 ( color 1b) and half ( Purple) packs because I was going for a light style.

Don't want my neck hurting lol.

Additional hints

1. It took be about 5 - 6 hours total to do this, its not for the faint of heart lol.I knew i had nothing to do on the day that i did it.

2. I did all the braids first before attaching the locs. my goal was to do the goddess locks, and i have to say i wont be doing that again. Adding extensions definitely made the process take much longer.

3. You can get the goddess locs look through this tutorial here without having to add additional hair using the hot water method

4. I used Jazznicole method. She is a Youtuber thats seems to have mastered this style.I found all her tutorials very useful. Take a look at her tutorials and pick the one that you think will work best for you.