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Stop these 3 mistakes now and pick the best oils/butter to grow healthier natural hair

mistakes you make when choosing oils/butter for natural hair growth

My fascination with oils and butter began when I committed to fully embracing and nurturing my natural hair. I decided to not always hide under braids and wigs but because I thought I couldn't manage my hair. Don't get me wrong, I do wear wigs and braids as protective styles now, however, it isn't because I cannot deal with my own hair coupled with the fact that I had very sensitive scalp that caused me lots of pain. Sometimes I would have to use pain medication or pour cold water on my head just to get a bit of relief.

If you have a sensitive scalp you know the constant struggle to find relief. I decided enough was enough and I will find a solution the best way that I know how, after the many hours of watching hair tutorials and listening to hair gurus had failed me.

At the core of who I am is a problem solver and a process strategist, and since embracing this, I have allowed it to seep into everything that I do. So I set out to find solutions to these issues I was experiencing.