This formula is perfect for low porosity hair. The combination of Coconut milk, hibiscus. and marshmallow roots provides great about of mositure and nutrition to hair strands. Add this formula to your conditioner for a nutritional boost.


Intense Moisture Hair Mask Formula:  Contains Organic Hibiscus 🌺 Flower, Organic coconut 🥥 milk and Organic Marshmallow roots.  Rich in vitamin C and amino acids,  improve blood circulation, seal in moisture and add slip to hair to prevent breakage.

Perfect All hair porosity time: May use 2 times a month or more frequently.



Hibuscus & Marshmallow Roots Herbal Hair Mask- Low Porosity Friendly

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  • Direction for use:

    In a bowl add about 2-3 teaspoons of hair mask with 3 tablespoons  of warm water or Aloe vera juice. Mix into a smooth consistency and make sure there are no lumps. Cover the mixture for and set aside so that the nutrients in the masks that be released .  Add 1 cup if your favorite conditioner or add to your homemade deep conditioning treatments. Be sure to mix well or blend mixture to ensure smooth consistency.

    Section hair into 6 parts, spray hair with water , your herbal hair tea mix or Ayurvedic Herbal Refreshening, then add the mixture on each individual from the scalp to the ends of the hair.

    Finger detangle or comb with a wide tooth comb for even distributions.

    Leave on the hair for 1 hour minimum, cover head with plastic cap.

    For added benefits: Sit under the hair dryer for about 20 minutes for deeper penetration. This is specifically important for LOW POROSITY hair. CO-wash the hair in sections 2-3 times to wash out concoction from hair. Rinse with cool water to seal in moisture.

    Use an old t-shirt or paper towel to wring out excess water. Apply your favorite leave in conditioner and style your hair as desired.