High porosity hair butter


High porosity hair characteristics 

  • Large open cuticles
  • Hair loses moisture loses
  • May experience hygral fatigue
  • Hair may appear thin


Our high porosity hair butter is formulated with a special formula of butters, penetrating oils, sealing oils and essential oils. Our high porosity hair butters are fluffy while thick enough to coat each strand of hair with the aim of preventing hygral fatigue.  This hair butter is perfect for every styling, the LCO/LOC and plump juicy twist outs.


While developing this formula we focused on 3 things.

  • Clogging factor (AKA Comedogenic factor): We stayed away from ingredients that clog the scalp. A healthy scalp will increase strand strength and length retention
  • Effect on scalp health: Essential oils chosen to combat DHT, alopecia and baldness
  • Weight and styling: The butter is medium - heavy weight to add body and bounce to hair



Mango butter,Shea Butter, Babassu Oil,Pumpkin seed oil, Lavendar essential oil, Rosemary oil

High porosity Hair Butter

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