NaturallyGracious Butter Collection

-Twist Butters promote and protects hair

- Retain length and promote growth

- Natural butters and oil

- Easy to use Whipped Butter texture

- Specifically designed with hair porosity in mind

- Growth promoting essential oils

High Porosity Hair Butter

Our Gracious High porosity hair butter is for those with highly porous hair. 

Qualities of High porosity hair

  • Hair dries very quickly after wash

  • Gets wet very quickly in humid weather

  • Tangles easily

  • Hair is frizzy

  • Cuticles are very open

  • Acts like a Sponge

  • May be more fragile and Thin*

Ingredients: Mango butter, Shea butter, pumpkin seed oil, Babassau oil, Rosemary essential oil, Lavendar oil, lemon oil vitamin E, vanilla sugar fragrance

Low Porosity Hair Butter

Our Low porosity Naturally Gracious butter is specially formulated for closed cuticle hair strands


Qualities of Low porosity hair

  • Closed cuticle

  • Hair may have product build up easily

  • Can appear dry

  • Moisture resistant

  • Protein sensitive

Ingredients: Mango butter,  Babassau oil, Hempseed oil, Rosemary essential oil, Vegetable glycerin, Lemon essential oil, Vitamin E, Vanilla sugar fragrance

About the maker...

Grace loves natural hair and has been obsessed with simple natural hair care that is high quality, feels luxurious and meets your hairs basic needs. 

Her curiosity about how products affect the hair is what as led her to learn more about hair porosity and develop the right combination of butters and oils that with work for any hair porosity type.

We strive to use all natural products and opt for organic products when possible. Each product is packaged carefully with extreme attention to detail. Kindly know that each product is handmade and made in small batches to preserve the integrity of our products.

Feel free to explore the site to learn more about how to care for your natural hair.

Thank you for stopping by and being a part of the tribe.

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