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Welcome to the LOC/LCO system masterclass!

Does this sound like you...you are always wondering which of the liquid, oil, cream systems is right for your hair type.


you are thinking...


"Am I properly moisturizing my hair?"


"Can I stop the brittleness and dryness of my hair?"


" Can I actually grow long healthy hair that is not limp?"


" What is the LOC system anyways and will it work for me?"


These are the types of questions I asked my self and watch countless youtube videos and copy "hair gurus" for months.


If you are wondering these same questions, the SMART LOC/LCO system masterclass is perfect for you.




  • You will leave with a better understanding of your hair,

  • The exact definition of liquid, oil, and cream, what ingredients should you look for in each one.

  • Understand how natural butter and essential oils fit in the picture

  • Learn which combination is best for your hair type, LC, LOC, LO, LOC, LOCB etc.

  • Understand the true meaning of moisturizer

  • Examples of the right combination for your hair type








Our time and money are assets that shouldn't be wasted.


We need to know if the time and effort you are putting into your natural hair are worth it. You need to know if what you are doing is hurting or helping your natural hair.


I'm going to show you how to use simple products to build a loc system that's effective and good for a minimalist lifestyle. 


I want to show you the "non-product junkie" method.


You can aimlessly go through youtube videos for hours without a personalized plan or you can join this masterclass and get this figured out once and for all.